Friday, June 4, 2010

Schwaller De Lubicz Tarot.

Schwaller De Lubicz changed my life. The infamous inspiration behind "Alternative Egyptology" De Lubicz remarked that "the extreme erosion on the body of the Sphinx could not be the result of wind and sand, as has been universally assumed, but rather was the result of water." Sheesh. That did not make people happy. Thank God for the idiocy of the Discovery Channel to keep that one afloat until we have something to validate (to the uninitiated) the inevitable conclusion that there was indeed a flourishing, high civilization before "the flood".

De Lubicz, who shall be referred to as A.O.R. for the rest of this post, at one point in his life had a Commune, Free School or Think Tank (depending on who you ask) in Switzerland. At this time he published several broadsheets for the members of Suhalia which presumably included this Tarot deck that he devised. I do not know where this came from, nor apparently does my source. I can only assume that this was created around the time of the "corn oil motor", "alchemical glass" or other wonders at Suhalia. While I find A.O.R.'s insights at the Sphinx Enclosure inspiring to a maddening degree what I really learned from A.O.R. is to shut the fuck up, listen and take in the essence of something before I even begin to try to "understand" it. If this is cryptic to you I recommend checking out Esoterism & Symbol or perhaps The Egyptian Miracle.

If you really have a strong stomach you can watch Robert Anthony West commenting with Graham "Emphasis Added" Hancock on the re-dating of the Sphinx here:

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