Friday, June 4, 2010

Crispin Glover: It Is Fine.

The other evening I had the great delight of seeing Crispin Glover present his new film: 'It Is Fine'. I was so blown away by 'What Is It' a few years back at the Anthology Film Archives that I bought tickets the moment I heard the second installment was ready. Essentially the story behind "It Is Fine' is that a man confined to a wheelchair with C.P. wrote a screenplay that made it into the hands of Crispin. He was so enamored with the script that he spent many years and literally thousands of dollars of his own money into making this script a reality.

And what is this reality? Essentially the idea that even seemingly vulnerable and helpless people can play the villain too. Written by and starring a man who can barely speak in a comprehensible manner we follow over an hour and a half our killer from stoic divorcees to alienated porn stars in a kill fest of surreal proportions filmed in pulsing Bava-esque colors and David Lynch deadpans. By the time the film gives up on our reality the girls are asking if he is ready to kill them yet. Very strange indeed.

I was hoping from the first film of this trilogy "What Is It?" that there would be strong sexual content in the sequel and I was not let down. It's not that I wanted to see a man with C.P. get a blow job but it seemed like the right thing after he was jerked off by a stripper wearing a monkey mask in the first film. It's complicated, go and see the damn thing if you can. Beyond that Crispin gave a rousing rendition of his book Oak-Mot and others, and yes Crispin did answer every single question during the Q&A. Watch the trailer if you dare!

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