Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mark Van Hoen: Where Is The Truth.

Besides being a massive fan of Mark Van Hoen's and Locust's music over the years he is also a dear, dear friend. Through this great friendship I had the incredible honor of being invited to contribute to his latest record 'Where Is The Truth' which has now been released by City Center Offices. I wanted to share a few thoughts about the record from my perspective. As a fan I found this album to be a tremendous step for Mark, one into new territories of vocals and more Rock oriented songs and sounds. If it wasn't so fucking vapid to say I would call it Post-Post Rock, but as it is, I won't. While earlier Locust records had vocalists this is the first time that Mark himself has sung on one of his records. He has a sweet and innocent voice that haunts as much as it soothes. It is a deep and emotional record, that completes what I like to call these days a trilogy: Truth Is Born Of Arguments, Playing With Time & Where Is The Truth. I feel like each of these records mark a point in a cycle that turns back into itself with bold new dimensions every few years since he began his journey into uncharted territories of sound and sentiment through electronic music.
Through it's journey from a cable strewn studio in Brighton U.K. to an old Brewery in Brooklyn, this record was seasoned with turmoil, triumph and a shit ton of love and life. Check it out here.

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